Kella Financial provides advisory services and solutions for financial product providers, financial institutions and independent financial professionals.  Our goal is to help our partners enhance their business and build a wealth management platform that is responsive to the needs of their clients.

Kella Financial provides customized solutions to financial institutions, independent advisers, and product manufacturers.  Our goal is to help our partners enhance their business and achieve new levels of success.

Kella Financial was founded on the premise that by understanding the needs of our partners and their clients, we can recommend solutions tailored specifically to address those needs.  Before recommending any solution, we spend a considerable amount of time working with our partners to get to know their business.  This ensures we’re considering all factors in our recommendations, and designing a blueprint for success that’s been customized to meet your needs.

We emphasize the value of quality people working with quality products and services.  Kella Financial is proud to have been built on a solid foundation comprised of transparent accountability, integrity and professionalism, the core values instilled within each member of the Kella Financial team.

Our mission is to empower and educate our partners by offering cutting-edge financial products and services, while providing superior relationship and practice management support.

Proprietary Solutions:Delivering Solid Performance

Proprietary Solutions:
Delivering Solid Performance

We provide our partners with a complete array of resources ranging from quality products and services, sales tools, case management, administration and operations.  By aligning with Kella Financial, our partners gain access to resources and strategies that help differentiate them from their competitors, and bring their client relationships closer together.

Education and Training:
Expertise That Can’t Be Beat

Kella Financial believes that educating and empowering our partners and their clients is an important ingredient for success.  With the financial marketplace becoming more complex due to new regulations, innovative product designs and increased competition, having the right strategic partners becomes more important than ever.

Here are a few ways Kella Financial provides education and support to our partners:

  • Product Training & Webinars
  • In-Branch Visits & Meetings
  • Personalized Coaching
  •  Relationship Management & Client Management
  • and More

Practice Management:
Building an Experience, Not Just a Practice

Is your business at the level you want it to be?  Kella Financial believes that practice management is essential to generating bottom-line success.  Our approach is to create a solid practice management plan that translates to an exceptional client experience.  We work with you step-by-step to ensure the success of your practice and working with your clients.

Building Belief in Your Practice

Kella Financial has the resources available to bring your ideas and marketing plan to fruition.  We collaborate with our partners on branding, marketing campaigns, product recommendations, and other strategies designed to help you build and promote your business.

Strategic Partnerships:
Building Relationships for Stronger Businesses

Finding it difficult to recruit and hire experienced financial professionals?  Kella Financial can help seek quality advisers to support your institution in order to increase share of wallet and help further the financial goals of your clients.  We also offer  cross-platform opportunities to independent advisers, allowing them to remain independent while having the support of a financial institution.

In the end, Kella Financial believes advisers should be spending less time on operations and administrative tasks, and more time on providing solutions to their clients.