Product Partners

Product providers increasingly see the value in partnering with independent wholesale distributors.  Utilizing independent distributors can provide manufacturers with a cost-effective, efficient way to expand into new distribution channels or increase market share in current channels.

Kella Financial will remain a dependable partner committed to achieving our agreed upon goals.

The economic environment, recent financial crisis and increased regulatory oversight have made it challenging for some product manufacturers to grow market share and increase sales.

Insurance carriers that sold variable annuities with expensive riders and guarantees attached have struggled to remain profitable, particularly in low interest rate environments.  These riders and guarantees become prohibitively expensive in low interest rate environments, forcing some carriers to buy back contracts from clients, or exit the variable annuity business altogether.

Those that made it through the financial crisis have shifted their product development focus to other types of products like fixed indexed annuities, single premium immediate annuities and indexed universal life, in an effort to balance risk.

Kella Financial wants to be strategically aligned with your specific goals and objectives.

We offer product manufacturers an efficient and effective alternative to expanding distribution and entering into new markets.  While other independent distribution organizations tend to shift from manufacturer to manufacturer in search of products currently “in favor”, Kella Financial will remain a dependable partner committed to achieving our agreed upon goals.  We can complement an existing wholesaling team, or be introduced as the “product specialists” focused on specific product types.

Kella Financial wants to explore opportunities to grow your sales, increase market share and get your products on-boarded in firms where you currently do not have a relationship.