About Kella Financial

Kella Financial Partners is an independent financial marketing and distribution organization specializing in building customized solutions for its partners.  Our team understands the importance of working closely with partners to identify your specific goals and objectives, before recommending and implementing a plan of action designed to address those needs and deliver tangible results.

Building long-term, successful relationships requires hard work and the dedication of partners to do whatever is necessary to achieve desired results.  Working with Kella Financial will ensure you’re receiving a team of experienced, proven leaders committed to your success.

Matthew J. Murphy, Founder.

Kella Financial Partners was founded by Matthew J. Murphy, a recognized leader who’s been working in the financial services industry for the past thirty years.

Prior to building Kella Financial, Mr. Murphy was a member of the executive leadership team of a product development and distribution organization, specializing in the design and development of fixed indexed products to independent marketing organizations, advisors, broker-dealers and financial institutions.  As Head of Strategic Relationships, Mr. Murphy was responsible for developing and maintaining partnerships with insurance carriers, broker-dealers, marketing organizations and other institutions.

Mr. Murphy was previously the owner and Managing Principal of a consulting firm, offering strategic vision, direction, planning and organizational leadership to financial institutions.  He also spent ten years as the CEO and President of the retail financial services business for a large regional financial institution, offering investment advisory, brokerage services and insurance solutions to consumers and commercial clients.  Mr. Murphy began his wholesale distribution career in the 1990s as a member of a premier third party marketing organization which focused on selling life insurance and annuities through banks, credit unions, and independent broker-dealers.

Mr. Murphy founded Kella Financial Partners to assist financial institutions, advisors, and product providers in developing and implementing strategies to obtain a greater share of the retirement market.  His decades of experience in a variety of senior leadership positions within the financial services industry will be a valuable asset to any partner.

Being completely independent enables Kella Financial to recommend objective solutions to its partners.

Since each partner has a unique set of goals and objectives, we understand there isn’t a single solution that addresses every client need the same way.  Kella Financial tailors solutions and action plans to align with its clients’ needs and goals.

Why Now?

In the 1990s, financial institutions held a significant portion of IRA assets.  Today, this share is likely in the single digits, as investment firms have succeeded in positioning themselves as the providers of choice for retirement solutions.  Financial institutions that fail to respond to this challenge risk not only missing the enormous rollover opportunity being presented by the retiring baby boomer generation, but also may be putting their core deposits at risk, as many investment firms now offer a full complement of traditional banking services.

Until recently, financial institutions viewed retail financial services businesses as a complementary service, not as a core offering.  Compressed margins, however, are determining the need for banks and credit unions to remain competitive in fee-generating business lines, and a successful financial services business can provide consistent, meaningful fee income.

More and more, institutions that lack the requisite capital investment or talent to succeed in this space have decided to partner with independent firms to grow their financial services businesses. In fact, an increasing number of banks and credit unions are deciding to outsource this business, in an effort to benefit from the potential fees and revenue, without incurring the requisite expenses that come with managing a financial services platform.

At the same time, financial professionals are seeking opportunities to become independent, but are unsure of the best approach to accomplish this goal.  Kella Financial helps advisers navigate through the myriad of choices available today, which can be confusing and overwhelming, to find the best solution for building their independent business.

Product providers, meanwhile, are seeking to expand into new distribution channels, or grow market share in existing channels, and partnering with Kella Financial can provide a cost-effective, efficient complement to their own wholesale distribution teams.

Establishing a relationship with Kella Financial, instantly offers partners access to a team of experienced industry leaders, who have spent the majority of their careers supporting advisors and financial institutions.

Why Kella Financial?

Establishing a relationship with Kella Financial, instantly offers partners access to a team of experienced industry leaders, who have spent the majority of their careers supporting advisors and financial institutions.  Mr. Murphy’s enduring relationships in the financial institutions channel will also prove valuable to partners, while our team members have a track record of success in a wide variety of roles within the financial services industry.

A successful financial services business can help banks and credit unions expand existing client relationships, attract new clients, prevent clients from leaving to obtain these services at other institutions, and generate incremental revenue.  Becoming an independent advisor enables financial professionals to determine how they will conduct business.  And utilizing independent wholesale distributors can help product manufacturers grow their sales and expand distribution.

Partnering with Kella Financial may be just the solution you need to achieve all of these objectives.